The Traditions of Glastonbury

E Raymond Capt travels to Cornwall and Glastonbury to explain why he believes Christ once visited Britain. He also reviews the many sources which state that Joseph of Arimathea came to Somerset soon after the crucifixion, where he built the first Christian church. This led to the British people becoming the first nation to proclaim themselves Christian anywhere.

11 thoughts on “The Traditions of Glastonbury

  1. Howdy

    A quick question for you – not OT to this post, but definitely on-topic to this blog in general.

    You write that the Aryan race are the true inheritors of God’s promises and discourage interaction with the non-aryan races, and while I see your reasoning, do you think that there is some sort of heirarchy among the other races – there is a clear difference (in terms of behavior, IQ, tendency towards complex civilization) between, say, Asian ethnicities on one hand, and blacks on the other. By way of example, the Japanese allied with Hitler during the glorious Reich, South Koreans profess quite a high rate of Christianity [some people say the Chinese have as well], and at least the Philippinos that I see around me also appear to have at least in part adopted our superior white culture.

    It seems to me that while blacks take our culture and drive it into the ground (Christianity is window dressing for them and I hardly need to introduce you to their anti-social behaviors) some asian ethnicities have basically ‘looked up to’ us and have in at least some ways come to submit to our ways – they seem to, on some level, realize who the Aryans are and try to learn from them.

    What do you think? I myself am a Christian and plan to marry only an Aryan woman who shares my faith, but I know some genuine Christians who have married devout asian Christians and although it is technically miscegenation, it seems on a whole different level then the mongrels produced from white-black ‘marriages’.

    • Yes, there does seem to be a hierarchy in certain areas of accomplishment, but I tend to see the other races more as different kinds altogether, like all the different kinds of bird that there are. Biblically, only the White man is actually Man/Adam, the other races are beasts or just living creatures. However scientifically we are all human beings and the races are all different kinds of human being. Whether it is an Asian or a Negro, mixing two different kinds of flesh together goes against God’s law. Marriage should be between one kind of flesh only, otherwise the offspring will not be God’s handiwork, but a work of the Devil. It is very unfortunate that some Christians have been taken in by the world and have fornicated with strange flesh. They really should do as Ezra instructed, repent of their sin and leave.

      As far as the other races go, they should just be reproducing after their own kind, which is what comes naturally to them anyway. Mongrels should try not to reproduce at all if they want to please God, and do all they can to prevent would-be-parents from creating more of them. They can really only ever be an enemy to God and his creation. Their essential nature to reproduce, pits them against God and ensures they have little choice but to do the devils work, even if they are not criminals and lead wholesome lives. In fact, by leading wholesome lives, they are just encouraging people to accept them. It really is tragic that whatever they do, they are against God. Essentially they really are the works of the Devil, in every way. Satan truly deserves to be hated with a perfect hatred for what he has done to them. It is the height of wickedness.

  2. Hello Sven, it’s me, SF. I actually wanted to write to your website, but for some reason I can’t comment there, something blocks me. I wanted to say that you are a great Christian researcher, your articles inspired me. Very interesting was the article about the Celtic church and Druidism. However, I have an idea which is would be interesting for you, but I will mention it next time because I want to involve another person to this as well. Remind me if I forgot to mention an idea because I’m very busy in the last time. But I often visit DS, a great website.

    Yahweh bless!

  3. Sven, do you have information about the origin of “Christian Identity”? I mean if there are proofs that there were Christians who exactly taught what modern Christan Identity teach us? The anti-Christian faction of the truth movement and white nationalist community claims that Christian Identity developed from “British Israel” which was allegedly started by Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel who financed Oliver Cromwell to bring back the Jews to Great Britain. According to Wikipedia, the first teachings of British Israel originated from John Sadler, the private secretary of Oliver Cromwell. In order to destroy the “arguments” of the anti-Christian faction of the WN community, we need to prove that people before the era of Cromwell taught the same doctrines as Christian Identity today. I hope you have the answers, otherwise we need to ask other respectable CI scholars such as William Finck or Eli James. I think you should make then an article about this so that we can destroy the propaganda of the anti-Christian faction of the WN community.

    • CI has a sound archeaological basis SF, there are tablets from the library at Nineveh that describe the Israelites being exactly where the Bible puts them and then moving to the east into China and India and west into Europe and Russia. Then there are the marked graves in the Crimea listing the dating back from the exodus. There are also the original Buddhist inscriptions written in Hebrew dialect in Afghanistan and the same symbols being used in ancient Scotland. The Roman and Greek historians describing the tribes of Israel being too many to number and filling Europe, along with having run a metal trade with Britain for over a thousand years. Then there are the place names in Britain that predate the Romans, like the river Tamar, the Shetland islands and Marazion. The name for the mine-workings in Cornwall which goes back thousands of years has always been ‘Jews Houses’, yet the Jews admit they never set foot in Britain until 1066AD. The Jew has never done a days work in his life, let alone the hard physical work of mining.

      Besides that you have two seedline doctrine in the liturgies of the Celtic church, the 2nd century book of Adam and Eve, the book of Enoch, the targum of Jonathan and the Bible itself.

      You have the stone circles and monuments throughout Britain and Europe that the Israelites were commanded to build, with no metal tools used on them and no idols ever found in Britain that were not Roman in origin. The oldest British laws from before they were even written down which include a jubilee, no usury and a sabbath.

      There are also the epistles in the New Testament, which are all specifically addressed to those nations which were the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham. The prophets of the Old Testament also prophesied of a new land, a new covenant (but only ever with the same people), a company of nations with many Kings, a new religion being taught to us by those Kings, there are so many fulfilled prophecies and explicit references.

      I think the original Celtic Church was the closest to what we know as CI doctrine today. Paul’s epistles are all explicitly CI. The warnings of not allowing brute beasts into the congregation would have been easily understood as meaning negroes back then too, as that is what the term meant in other texts of the time.

      All the old references to Christians from over a thousand years back refer to us as Israel too. The changing of Christianity into a universalist doctrine goes entirely against what the Bible itself says, so it could not have happened until a time when the Bible was withheld from people and that was not until after the tenth century. When you hear of African popes from the 3rd century it could only have been a White man brought up in a Roman colony in Africa.

      The idea that CI comes from listening to some Rabbi who funded Cromwell is just laughable really.

      Praise Yahweh!

  4. A very great response, the best was to smash the accusations of these anti-Christian counter-Judaists is to prove that CI teachings existed before the British Israel movement after the Cromwell era. I’m 100% sure that the Roman Catholic Church destroyed all the evidence for CI, this corrupt Church is responsible for many misunderstandings and non-biblical myths such as the “hell”. However, does the Byzantine Empire (or other churches, except the Coptic church) have a collection of Ci doctrines, especially about the dual-seedline? I have some friends who are scholars about the Byzantine Empire, but I doubt that they have a knowledge about CI an the dual-seedline.

    I planned to contact some NS Serbs and to create a Serbian branch of CI, I will try to find some Serbian priests who will probably accept the CI doctrines. The good thing is that there is a Serbian National Socialist organization which is very Christian, it’s called “Srpska akcija (Serbian action), I will convert the SA members to CI.

  5. Hello Sven, it´s me, but with another new name. I deleted my blog and opened a WordPress website, but it needs to be updated and therefore not ready.

    I want to ask you, which e-mail (or program or whatever) do you often use for writing to people? I don´t want to spam here too much, because I have a question about genetic topic and you seem to be a scholar about this topic. There is something controversial which confuses me a lot (especially because I am a CI supporter).

    • Correspondence can be sent to , I check all mail there once a day. If you or anyone else have any articles you think DS would like to publish, or news stories/links, then they can be sent there too.

      WordPress definitely seems like an improvement on Blogger, but I seem to have problems embedding videos with it. The commenting section is much better though.

      I hope you manage to get your new blog sorted out soon.

      • Are you the only who check out this e-mail? According to DailyStormer, this e-mail is only for suggestions (articles), but I have a question about genetic / race.

        I left blogger because it´s controlled by Google. I read from a (I think) CI scholar who uses Google programs that somebody from ISRAEL logged in his account, he even showed a screenshot, very scary. WordPress seems to be much more safe and I learned to use it, some of my articles were published and I will even combine several articles to one. I will write to you when I upgraded my WordPress website.

      • Andre and I both have access to that email address but it is mainly me that deals with them each day, if you address the email to me then it will only be me who opens it.

        He gets too many emails to deal with daily, so we set that account up just for news tips and articles for submission, so I could share some of the workload.

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