Christianity and Morality in Europe


To start off with our topic for this program, we read the Executive Summary section of the official Rotherham report entitled Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham, available at the borough council’s website.

We discussed the initial reaction to this case from the Jihad Watch website, and also from We also discussed the grandfather of one victim who expressed a desire to shoot the police chief of Rotherham (see the article at the Telegraph) and the two fathers who found where their daughters were being abused, and the police arrested the fathers rather than the abusers (see the article at The Star).

We made references and cited the Arnold Leese book on Jewish Ritual Murder, which describes events from Medieval Europe which are very similar to the frequent Muslim rape of non-Muslims in Britain and Europe today.

CHR-Euro-2014-09-14.mp3 — Download

Better quality recording available HERE

Christogenea Europe, Sunday September 14th 2014

With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

2 thoughts on “Christianity and Morality in Europe

  1. Well, our people, Israel, must learn the price to pay for rebellion against our only true Master, Yahweh-Christ. This fundamental rebellion in the garden has a name: “Humanism”, which is the cause for all the evils in this world, and especially the worst: confusion. Every beast system is an ogre full of hungry locusts, never satisfied until they have destroyed everything good, because they have no Spirit and are from below. We must return to our first husband or perish. There is no other alternative. The truth of Yahweh is eternal and perfect. Death to the devil, the beast and the false prophet and all glory to our Prince!

    By the way, good program Sven. Thank you. 😉

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