Christogenea Europe: Christianity and Morality in Europe Part 2

William Finck and Sven Longshanks explain how the traditional Christian morality of our ancestors protected us from ever being in a situation where our White children could become the prey for Non-White rapists and perverts.

The discussion centred around a Biblical example of where a woman was raped to death by the local foreigners and the local authorities refused to punish the the perpetrators. The entire community of nations rose up against the tribe that were protecting the rapists and waged war against them, almost wiping them out entirely.

This response to the corrupt authorities who were protecting the foreign rapists was from just one woman being abused, whereas we have had over a million, if you include all the White women raped by Non-Whites in America.

This story would have been well known by our ancestors who studied their Bibles and the lesson from it would have been ingrained in them. If just one woman had been treated in the way ours have been, there would have been uproar and the traitors protecting the rapists would have been swinging from the gallows.

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4 thoughts on “Christogenea Europe: Christianity and Morality in Europe Part 2

  1. Does this morality includes Catholic-ruled Europe? The Roman Catholic Church tortured and killed millions of people, one of most horror crimes of the RCC are the burning of women who were accused of being witches.

    But interesting is that while the Crusaders started to kill Jews, the RCC applied a law to forbid the killing of Jews (Sicut Judaeis).

    • I think the killing of the witches has been vastly exaggerated by feminists.

      The RCC has done a lot of bad things in the past, but it did still encourage Christian morality – it was not until around the 15th century that the laws on usury were changed for instance. There was also the living wage which they enforced and the ‘just price’ for necessary items.

      The Jews must have had their claws into the RCC from about the time of the schism that formed it onward, since they first came into Britain with the Roman Catholic King William Bastard in 1066AD.

      • I didn´t know about this. The feminists love to claim that women were always oppressed.

        As for the Roman Catholic Church, do you believe the RCC was the 6th beast of Revelation? Eli James (I know, he isn´t a friend) wrote an interesting essay about the 8th beast and he mentioned that the 7th beast (Napoleonic Empire) would dethrone the 6th beast (The power of RCC over Europe).

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