Christogenea Europe: Usury in Europe


Jewish usurers in hell, wearing their distinctive witches hats.

William Finck and Sven Longshanks explain why usury is so harmful and how it helped the Jews to take over our nations.

The original definition of usury is covered and how it was treated in Roman law and Christian law.

Relevant points in the history of Britain and Europe are brought up and key personalities in the legalising of it identified.

The National Socialist response to usury is given and an explanation of what real socialism is.

Mein Kampf is quoted on the subject along with references to folk tales that dealt with it.


One thought on “Christogenea Europe: Usury in Europe

  1. VitezSrpstvo
    December 14, 2014 at 10:30 am Edit
    Hello Sven, it´s me again. I have a question to you:

    What do you think about “Gerhard Lauck”? He is the leader of NSDAP-AO and asked me to join his organization. I actually have no problem to join, but still I would like to hear your opinion about him because I believe you know much more about the NS community in the USA and Western Europe than me.

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