Christogenea Europe: The Druids and the Church Part II


With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

Topics covered this week include:

Historical references to the Druids by their enemies and others.

The Roman massacre of a Druid university at Mona/Anglesea that led to Boadicea’s uprising.

The Arch-Druids remaining in power by becoming Arch-Bishops in around 170AD, proving that the Roman excursion only destroyed the Druids in one small area.

Joseph of Arimathea in Britain in 38AD and the evidence for this.

King Caradoc’s family in Rome converting to Christianity and providing assistance to Paul at the Pallatium Brittanicum.

King Lucius announcing the British nation Christian by unanimous consent in 156AD.

Constantine the Great’s Christian upbringing and vengeance upon Rome aided by an army of Britons.

Bill’s notes can be found here.

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