Christogenea Europe: The Druids and the Church Part III


Aryan Israel | Exposing the true identity of the descendants of Jacob-Israel.

With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

Centring on Augustine’s mission to the Angles and the controversy between Rome and the centuries old Culdee church of the British (Welsh) people.

Also covered is the Catholic take over of Ireland by Henry II

The original Celtic saints who were missionaries to the Picts, the Scots and the Irish long before Augustine arrived

The reason why the Saxons were keen to follow Rome’s brand of Christianity

The Culdee church in Europe

And finally a recap of how the British church lost its independence and status


4 thoughts on “Christogenea Europe: The Druids and the Church Part III

  1. Sven, I agree with the, concentration of force/efforts, tactic, which is what a blitzkrieg and a Crusader charge is all about, hence your spending all your energies with daily race report and such……..

    but I really miss the audios you make with William Fink …..

    as you have not updated this site in a long time,
    and so I will offer you this quote:

    The nation is built on blood and myths. Blood is the physical aspect of the nation and myths the spiritual aspect. We need them both.
    Kungsbacka, Sweden December 1993
    Kai Murros

    While every army needs jarheads, and they can go to the dailystormer to see the race war reports, no army can function without officers. An officer, is a man who says “No. Wait. Now!” and restrains the dogs of war, that they may lay in wait for the right moment. The ability to delay pleasure, restrain the carnal beast, and exercise the self control, the cold intellect, the clean hands, and the heart, which are the requirement of a leader and officer, can only be done by men of the spirit, by those serpent priests, those coen, Cohen, priests of the semen/celibacy, from which the kundalini rising serpent may occur, called the quickening of the spirit by some, and also called riastrad by the Celtic and berserk by the norse, hence the “one eye” of Odin, and the one eye open of Cuchulain, as it was believed that they were in deep trance having raised the spirit. In the Chinese language, the very word “spirit” 精神is actually literally written “semen spirit”, for without girding up one’s loins, one cannot even hear, the still small voice of the spirit, the Hamingja, the Arya, the Halleluja.

    “And He said to them all—If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself.” Luke 9:23

    Egypt’s ancient name used by neighbors: “The land of the tree and the serpent”.
    Tara, capital of Ireland, location of 3 kings, east coast, county meath, in Gaelic it is called “Drumcain” which means “Hill of the Serpents.”
    Nahash = serpent, to discover, to seek, to find
    seraphim = flaming serpent
    nation = from the Nashon, a Judaic tribe of which King David was a member, means “serpent”.
    Pythagoras = “I am the Python”
    Pendragon = head of dragons
    Jehovah Nissi, “God of the Serpents”, erected by Moses after he destroyed the Amalekites.

    The flesh always whines, bitches, and moans, and for this reason, military officers have learned the art and science of keeping men of the flesh busy, digging this useless ditch and digging that useless trench, for an idle mind is a devil’s workshop of mutiny, for the men of the flesh, who have no self control, and are ever kept in check, by the iron rod of chastisement and fear.

    Only the spirit can command.

    I am here to remind you that the needs of the spirit are above the needs of the flesh, the men of the spirit are above the men of the flesh, that only the head may command the arm, that you may spend yourself in this war, effectively, for the pleasure of our Father, Yahweh.

    We are lucky to be en-tabernacled in this exciting critical time, the information age, just before the battle of the ages, and we are, all of us, learning, as fast as we can, like a sponge, as knowledge is expanding and everything is being revealed. It is for each of us, to “list”, to “listen”, to our conscience, the still small voice, of Yahweh God, in our hearts, and spend ourselves, where we can be most effective, at His command. We are in a war, and if the enemy does not kill you, time/sin will. Shall you be so lucky and privileged, to both enjoy the company and fellowship of peers of the pupil, to enlighten and educate them, and in the process, thereby be your self, awarded knowledge? Shall you raise reapers, knights, soldier saints, and gentlemen of the genea, of generals? Or shall you raise up ” the dirt and the dross, the dust and scum of the earth!” John Masefield, A Consecration. Shall you spend your self to whet the quick, or the quick-less?

    “Be not impatient in delay,
    But wait as one who understands;
    When spirit rises and commands,
    The gods are ready to obey.”
    As a Man Thinketh, James Allen

    • Coen, cohen = “guardian of the semen”
      Viracocha = Aztec word for the White “Creators”
      Veerya = Sanskrit, meaning “semen, potency, power, man”.
      Brahmina = born from the head of the Creator, those who understand the Light
      Kshatriya = Sanskrit, warrior, born of the arms of the creator, literally one who “harms to defend”

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