Christogenea Europe: Traitors of Britain – Then and Now Part 2


Another non-judaised history lesson from William Finck and Sven Longshanks.

The first episode took us up to William the Conqueror and this one takes us up to William of Orange.

William Norman was the first to bring Jews to England and started off the catastrophic chain of events that we are still suffering from today.

Two hundred years later the good king Edward Longshanks expelled them, being rewarded by his subjects for doing so to the tune of one penny each.

But the damage had been done and Christians had started emulating the usurious ways of the Jew.

The next major traitor was Cromwell and just like the other traitors, invasions followed, this time the invasion of Scotland and Ireland.

The Cromwellian revolution was a forerunner to the French and Russian revolutions, being funded by Jews and turning the social order upside down.

In return, Cromwell helped the Jews back into England and killed the King, allegedly on orders from the synagogue.

Within two generations the Jews were into the City of London and preparing the scene for the next stage, The Bank of England.

William Finck’s program notes can be found here.


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