Christogenea Europe: Alfred the Great the Anglo-Saxon Fuhrer

sutton_hoo_helmet_3d_render_by_mrsvein872-d5wg1l8 (1)

Replica of 7th century Anglo-Saxon helmet.

The Angles and the Saxons were nothing but uneducated barbarians until they became Christian.

Their reputation was for massacring innocent people under a flag of truce and destroying universities and holy sanctuaries.

However when Alfred the Great became king, all that was put behind them and Merry England became the envy of the continent.

When Alfred took power, the whole country was being ravaged by heathen Norsemen.

Alfred lost his courage and hid, but something happened to him while he was in hiding and when he returned, his people rallied behind him and they managed to win the island back for themselves again.

On top of that, Alfred invented a new type of boat, started a navy, a standing army, a school system for all classes, set down a law code, rebuilt London, fortified all the towns and kick-started a new golden age of learning.

Somehow in the middle of all that, he also managed to rebuild monasteries, fill them with abbots, monks and nuns and devoted half his time to God with the hours strictly measured out in a new type of clock that he invented.

William Finck and Sven Longshanks take a break from exposing historical traitors to sing the praises of this Anglo-Saxon hero.


2 thoughts on “Christogenea Europe: Alfred the Great the Anglo-Saxon Fuhrer

  1. Remember on a previous radio show with Finck you mentioned that the Cananite Jews used to practice ritual murder sacrifice of White children and bury their dead bodies under the foundation of the building in order to ‘christen’ the building and attune its vibration to dark energy?

    Well, now FEMA is doing it en masse. These won’t support the weight of a tall building, but they will support a wide and short building, such as most buildings in N. America are.

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