Sven Longshanks and William Finck – Bible Basics Part 6

Sven Longshanks and William Finck continue on from the last episode, explaining that the only way a wanton woman could be freed from marriage was if her husband died, which is why God had to become man and die upon the cross.

This had to happen in order for God to keep his promise to Abraham and continue to bless his people through the Grace of God.

Christ himself declared that he was the bridegroom in many places and this is what he was referring to, he had to be God or else he could not claim to be the bridegroom.

It is demonstrated that the Romans Paul was speaking to could only have been Israelites, as nobody else was under the law.

The New Testament is all about the amazing ways that the Abrahamic promise was kept, in the face of constant attempts to frustrate it by the forces of evil.

The faith of Abraham was his faith in God’s promise that many nations would come from his loins, which was so strong, that he was prepared to kill Isaac in a sacrifice to God.

The dedication of Isaac to be a sacrifice meant that he was anointed as the exclusive property of God and therefore all his descendants from then on were Yahweh’s property or his portion and Yahweh was their sovereign.

All the seed of Israel is to be saved, regardless of if they kept the Mosaic covenant or not and that began with the substitution of the sacrificial goat for Isaac right back at the beginning.

Sven Longshanks and William Finck – Bible Basics Part 6


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