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  1. Hey Sven you need to check this guy’s video’s out. I’m not British myself, I’m American. The Jews want nationalists to act like this guy, to act like niggers. I hope you watch this video and some of this guy’s other videos, especially being an Englishman yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAyMBdMByio

  2. Hey Sven, theres a radio announcer here in Sydney that says the nazis persecuted christians can you link me something that proves it’s not true? Thanks

  3. Hi Sven. Love your broadcasts. What are your views on the modern Germans being descended from the ancient Assyrians. The legends say the oldest city in Germany, Trier, was founded by the Assyrians. The ancient Assyrians were a very intelligent, mechanical, warlike people.

    • Thankyou. Trier was founded by Brutus of Troy according to the Chronicle of England and he was descended from Calcol, son of Zarah Judah. The British Israel movement tried to claim the Germans were Assyrians, to draw parallels with the enemies of Israel in the Bible. There is no evidence for it but unfortunately their books and info are still around.

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