Aryan Narrations: Christian Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire

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Judas (The Jew) Iscariot does what the Jews do best and betrays his White benefactor.

This is my favourite narration from 2015. I enjoyed doing this one particularly because it is a subject close to my heart and I felt able to add some commentary along with it. Not to contradict anything, but to add more evidence for Kevin MacDonald’s original conclusion, that Christianity was the first ever organised resistance to the Jews. It was highly successful as well, once it had an influence on the law-making processes of the Roman empire. Far from trying to convert the Jews, the early Church fathers like Saint John Chrysostum (the golden-tongued) said that their souls were lodging places for demons. This was not an exception to the rule but a continuation of the narrative that Christ himself started, who had called them sons of the Devil and the master of the lie.

Jews were banned from marrying gentiles, banned from public office, banned from testifying in court, banned from teaching and banned from owning gentile slaves. They were not seen as candidates for Christianity but entirely excluded from it. The Jews of today remember this well, but thanks to their subversion of the church our Christian nations have forgotten it. They have been working all this time since then to destroy the church, starting with spurious gospels and sects and now mainly through claiming a shared origin with Christianity, which would have seemed so absurd to Christians of the first millennium as to have been impossible.

Highly respected Catholic scholars Michael Hoffman and E Michael Jones have both written extensively on how the religion of Judaism did not take form until centuries after Christ and how it was their exclusion from Christianity that provided the catalyst for it.

Kevin MacDonald shows in his essay that the Jews of the time had inserted themselves into the Roman aristocracy and were sucking the wealth out of the nations they were embedded among. They had even taken over the monarchy and the priesthood of Judea, Herod being a Judean by place of birth and not by race, as confirmed by Josephus and Strabo. While the people were still pagan though, resistance to them was only at an individual level and there was no actual criticism of the Jews as a unit, there was no condemnation of the Jewish racial character at all until the church fathers were allowed to preach in public.

If we had kept to the strict laws that the church started out with then the Jews would never have been able to gain a foothold. They were driven out of the Byzantine empire because they were unable to function as Jews within it. This led to them flowing into Khazaria and on into Eastern Europe, where they still faced stiff opposition, but not stiff enough, as corrupt kings and weak popes gradually weakened the laws of God to such an extent that the Jew was able to reassert himself in Europe and take power again like he had in Judea.

The way to defeat the Jew is no different today than it was then. If we went back to our Christian bible and obeyed the laws within it, then the Jew would not be able to operate his banking houses, or make his degenerate Hollywood films, pornography would be a thing of the past and homosexuals would never dare flaunt their perversion in public. Race-mixing would be outlawed and the Jew would not be allowed into any position of authority over a White man. Sixty percent of our people identify as Christian yet probably less than one percent are aware of the anti-Semitic origins of their religion.

All four episodes have been slightly edited down and spliced together into one, with a few other sound improvements.

Narration and commentary by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Christian Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire

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Christogenea Europe: Alfred the Great the Anglo-Saxon Fuhrer

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Replica of 7th century Anglo-Saxon helmet.

The Angles and the Saxons were nothing but uneducated barbarians until they became Christian.

Their reputation was for massacring innocent people under a flag of truce and destroying universities and holy sanctuaries.

However when Alfred the Great became king, all that was put behind them and Merry England became the envy of the continent.

When Alfred took power, the whole country was being ravaged by heathen Norsemen.

Alfred lost his courage and hid, but something happened to him while he was in hiding and when he returned, his people rallied behind him and they managed to win the island back for themselves again.

On top of that, Alfred invented a new type of boat, started a navy, a standing army, a school system for all classes, set down a law code, rebuilt London, fortified all the towns and kick-started a new golden age of learning.

Somehow in the middle of all that, he also managed to rebuild monasteries, fill them with abbots, monks and nuns and devoted half his time to God with the hours strictly measured out in a new type of clock that he invented.

William Finck and Sven Longshanks take a break from exposing historical traitors to sing the praises of this Anglo-Saxon hero.


Christogenea Europe: Traitors of Britain – Then and Now Part 3



William Finck and Sven Longshanks explain why King William of Orange was one of the biggest traitors that Britain has ever known.

It was not until William of Orange was put on the throne of England that the Jews were finally able to start up their money making scam called the Bank of England.

Funded by Jews and rewarding them with honours and titles, William played the last part in their plan to get back into Britain.

Although Cromwell had a large role in it he was not the prime mover, as evidenced by it’s continuation long after he was dead and gone.

From the time of Charles I, the City of London had been usurping the power of the sovereign to make laws and by the time King William died, all the former powers of the monarch had been invested in the corporation and the corporation was in the hands of the Jews.

From this chain of events we get to the party system, the corruption of the law courts and the acceptance of usury as the basis for an economy.

Bill’s notes for the program can be found here.


Christogenea Europe: Traitors of Britain – Then and Now Part 2


Another non-judaised history lesson from William Finck and Sven Longshanks.

The first episode took us up to William the Conqueror and this one takes us up to William of Orange.

William Norman was the first to bring Jews to England and started off the catastrophic chain of events that we are still suffering from today.

Two hundred years later the good king Edward Longshanks expelled them, being rewarded by his subjects for doing so to the tune of one penny each.

But the damage had been done and Christians had started emulating the usurious ways of the Jew.

The next major traitor was Cromwell and just like the other traitors, invasions followed, this time the invasion of Scotland and Ireland.

The Cromwellian revolution was a forerunner to the French and Russian revolutions, being funded by Jews and turning the social order upside down.

In return, Cromwell helped the Jews back into England and killed the King, allegedly on orders from the synagogue.

Within two generations the Jews were into the City of London and preparing the scene for the next stage, The Bank of England.

William Finck’s program notes can be found here.


Christogenea Europe: Traitors of Britain – Then and Now Part 1

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King Caradoc and his family sold out to the Romans by his traitor cousin, Cartismandua.

William Finck and Sven Longshanks contrast the invasions of Britain in the past, with the modern day swarm of locusts and cankerworms.

Every schoolboy used to know the names of the three arch traitors of Britain, do you?

What about the hero kings, that repelled the entire might of Rome and the Saxon hordes?

Throughout history, certain leaders of ours have sold us out to the enemy.

Back then, the names of the traitors were so few they could be counted on one hand and their memory would be cursed for ever more.

Nowadays, pretty much the entire upper strata of society is filled with them.

Two girls being raped was all it took for the clans of Britain to rise up and massacre thousands of Roman troops in the first century.


Christogenea Europe: Two Seedline Doctrine in the Early Church


With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

The early Church used to teach that there were two seed-lines, one from Adam and one from Cain.

This can be shown from the writings of Tertullian, Justin Martyr, Ignatius of Antioch and others of the Church Fathers.

As well as this, there are also copious references to it in the Books of Adam and Eve, which were complied by the Eastern Church in the third to sixth centuries.

Clement, Eusebius and Origen obscured this teaching in favour of a universalist position, but it still did not fully take hold until the later Schism and the loss of the Celtic church, who conformed to scripture only, rather than the new Catholic hierarchy.



Christogenea Europe: Multicultural Judea

William Finck and Sven Longshanks look at the different races that populated Judea alongside the Israelites in the 500 years before Christ.

Including the Edomites, Cuthians, Sephervaim, Arabs and Nabiteans.

By the time of Christ an Idumean had been crowned King of Judea by the Romans.

Using the works of Flavius Josephus in conjunction with the Bible and the Apocrypha, it is conclusively shown that today’s Jews have never been the tribe of Judah, never wrote any part of the Bible and have always been hated by God.

Jesus was not a Jew and far from being great, Herod was a bloodthirsty incestuous tyrant who was hated by the genuine Judahites.


Christogenea Europe: White in a World of Bastards (Mamzers)


With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

What is White?

What did ‘swarthy’ mean when all known nations were White?

Can all European nations still be considered White?

What do the DNA tests say and can they be trusted?

How can you tell if you are White if you are having doubts?

These questions and more are all answered in this podcast.

Bill’s notes for the program are here.


Christogenea Europe: The Druids and the Church Part III


Aryan Israel | Exposing the true identity of the descendants of Jacob-Israel.

With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

Centring on Augustine’s mission to the Angles and the controversy between Rome and the centuries old Culdee church of the British (Welsh) people.

Also covered is the Catholic take over of Ireland by Henry II

The original Celtic saints who were missionaries to the Picts, the Scots and the Irish long before Augustine arrived

The reason why the Saxons were keen to follow Rome’s brand of Christianity

The Culdee church in Europe

And finally a recap of how the British church lost its independence and status


Christogenea Europe: The Druids and the Church Part II


With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

Topics covered this week include:

Historical references to the Druids by their enemies and others.

The Roman massacre of a Druid university at Mona/Anglesea that led to Boadicea’s uprising.

The Arch-Druids remaining in power by becoming Arch-Bishops in around 170AD, proving that the Roman excursion only destroyed the Druids in one small area.

Joseph of Arimathea in Britain in 38AD and the evidence for this.

King Caradoc’s family in Rome converting to Christianity and providing assistance to Paul at the Pallatium Brittanicum.

King Lucius announcing the British nation Christian by unanimous consent in 156AD.

Constantine the Great’s Christian upbringing and vengeance upon Rome aided by an army of Britons.

Bill’s notes can be found here.

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