Sven Longshanks and William Finck – Bible Basics Part 4

In this episode Sven Longshanks and William Finck talk about the removal of the Israelites from their lands and the prophecy that they would all become pagans.

Other prophecies were they that would be great traders and have sea empires, which first came true with the Phoenicians.

Bill goes into great detail of the original Japhetite tribes that colonised southern Europe and how they were displaced by the Danaan and Dorian Greeks, who were Shemites.

The historical documentation for this is discussed and it is shown that by the time of Christ the Romans, Parthians, Phoenicians and Scythians were totally dominating the known world.

North of the Euphrates there were a great multitude of Israelites not to be measured by number and these would go on to become the Goths, the Alans, the Cimmerians and eventually the Angles and Saxons.

The origins of the Germanic tribes are talked about in this episode.

Sven Longshanks and William Finck – Bible Basics Part 4


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