Christogenea Europe: The Jewish Ritual Murder of White Christian Children

Saint William of Norwich

With William Finck and Sven Longshanks

A look at all the abundant evidence for the Jews abduction and immolation of White Christian children.

Cited for this program was My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on JEWISH RITUAL MURDER by Arnold S. Leese.

Also mentioned was Chaucer’s The Prioress’ Tale and Luther: On the Jews and Their Lies.

The Jewish book admitting blood libel is found here: (We cannot endorse a book written by a Jew, but need to show its existence.)


12 thoughts on “Christogenea Europe: The Jewish Ritual Murder of White Christian Children

  1. It’s me again. I discovered something interesting, here check it out yourself:

    The left script is Paleo-Hebrew and the right script is Vinča script (Vinča culture, the oldest one in Europe, located in Serbia). Do you note something?

      • I respect Bill as a smart man, he seems to spend a lot for CI theology and history. He actually believes that Greeks are mongrels, although I can´t confirm this to 100%. There are indeed many mongrel looking “Greeks” and I think that all of them are Arab Christians who were deported to Greece by Turkey, when both countries exchanged people to each other (Muslims to Turkey, Christians to Greece). This was a big mistake. Otherwise, there are many Greeks who look pure blood Europeans. I don’t know his opinion about Serbs, I hope he doesn’t consider us as mongrels.

        Your article is very interesting, full of proofs. But I also look for evidence that CI theology existed before British Israelism and after the Celtic Church. The Catholic church destroyed all evidence, but there are surely some tracks of CI theology by individuals or groups. What about Orthodox Churches? As much I know, the Russian Orthodox Church had a reformation (I think in the 17th century) and persecuted the old believers, followers or the original Russian Orthodox church. Maybe it had CI theology as well.

        BTW, I forgot to tell you that there is an interesting book entitled “Hebrew origin of Serbs”. This book concludes that “Serb” is derived from “Shem”, and shows many Serbian words of Semitic origin. But the book has two mistakes : 1. that Jews are the people of Israel (+ the book is pro Jewish) 2. that the flood was worldwide. This book exists as PDF, just Google “Hebrew Origin of Serbs pdf”.

  2. From a compilation of quotes about Jews forwarded to me:

    “On Control, you may remember the 8/12/1976 sky-jacking of an Israeli jetliner in Istanbul, Turkey, in which four people were killed and some thirty injured. Aboard was the administrative assistant for then-U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits (a Jew) of New York, 29 year-old Harold W. Rosenthal (a Jew), whose unfortunate murder that day was not from random bullets that killed the others. Evidence indicates that his was pre-planned, making me wonder if it was due to his lengthy, boastful interview with American Christian editor Walter White:”

    Now you have the exact date and can find with a quick search the veracity of what I said and why Rosenthal was silenced. They have an old modus operandi for targeting people they want to silence en transit on planes, the only difference this time is that they did not blow up the entire plane as they have done so many times in the past. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 examples right now, but being unrelated I won’t mention them, and I already donate enough of my time trying to inform and awaken our people with exact references, but I have found even the most meticulous references are too oft ignored entirely.
    You said it is “not possible” that Rosenthal was shot on a plane.
    The limits to one’s knowledge and awareness are predesignated by what we deem to be possible and impossible.

    Learn daily.

    • If you still think shooting a man in the chest, an unmoving target sitting down, from arms length away is ‘impossible’, then you’ve never fired a gun.

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